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Несмотря на все усилия правительства Республики Беларусь, космополиты из разных стран мира продолжают открывать для себя эту страну.

Lonely Planet, июль 2010, Top 10 Eastern European getaways:

Minsk, Belarus: Minsk will almost certainly surprise you. The capital of Belarus is, despite its thoroughly dreary sounding name, an amazingly progressive and modern place. Here fashionable cafes, wi-fi–enabled restaurants and crowded bars and nightclubs vie for your attention. Sushi bars and art galleries have taken up residence in a city centre totally remodelled to the tastes of Stalin. There are relatively few traditional sights in the city but myriad places of interest for anyone fascinated by the Soviet period, and plenty of cosmopolitan pursuits to keep you entertained come the evening.

Communist chic. Cappuccino communism. Minsk is a living oxymoron.

CNN, декабрь 2010, Top 10 places to spend your 2010 Christmas:

Pogost, Belarus:

Why: Belarus may be tricky for foreign visitors to enter, but what it lacks in accessibility it makes up for in eye-opening yuletide traditions.

The Belаrusian festive season is all about the Koliady, a folk ritual that was originally a pagan holiday but later appropriated to coincide with Christmas and the New Year.

In villages such as Pogost, grannies down vodka by the bottle, and youngsters perform folk plays for the public during Koliady. Locals dress up as animals and carry animal’s heads on a stick to go trick-or-treating in village neighborhoods.

When: December 25 to January 7
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